Project supervision services main client  is the designated project manager, his superiors or the final client.

Project supervision can be carried out with more or less technical weight at all or some of the following stages:

Project Supervision

Project Supervision

  • Initial o previous stage: assessment of the project’s adequacy, the stated objectives, applicable rules, etc.
  • Implementation phase: the systematic verification of what has been done versus the scheduled, communication of deviations and recovery of implementation capacity, rescheduling to maintain or improve original goals.
  • Finalization stage: review of the results, drawing up or supervision of the performance reports,  verification and approval of  necessary project  documentation.

When Comercial Cueto Group executes projects it accepts monitoring or control by their client as a rule, if the client does not appoint an independent inspection company, they would be contracted even if not obligatory by contract.

Commercial Cueto Group  this way seeks an independent technical opinion that advises and substantiates the job in hand.

Likewise, Comercial Cueto Group conducts the supervision over proposed projects developed by other companies, the client here being the executor of the project o their final client that requests an independent verification.


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