Comercial Cueto is a solid company based in Madrid with a large and proven experience in the market of over 50 years.

Since the 90’s, Comercial Cueto began to externalize and diversify it’s activity through a group of large owned companies that maintain both business spirit and solvency thanks to the private shareholders continuance and to its low leverage, creating various departments and companies specialized en different areas:

  • Health: hospitals, health centers, care units of various levels and sizes.
  • Energy: infrastructures for the generation, supply and distribution of energy.
  • Agriculture: agricultural equipment, infrastructures and training.
  • Industry: industrial equipment and assessment for public works, work shops and warehouses.
  • Services:  strategic consulting for projects, training, installation and remodeling, rehabilitation and implementation.

In all the above areas, contracts may include in their scope the construction, rehabilitation, management, maintenance, training, consulting and/o rcontrol of the project.

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